The Professor Akira Method

See the Professor Akira instructions or videos below on how to get started and to progress through the different stages.

Keep in mind that it has taken Akira time, effort and regular training to get to the level shown in the videos. Your dog’s pace of progress will increase once they have learned and understood the concept of the cards and how to use them. Even once a level is mastered, continue to revisit these sections to keep them fresh in your dog’s mind.

Training tips

Please note that Akira started training with the flashcards once he had mastered all of his essential puppy training and the commands that keep him safe and make him a well-behaved member of the family. 

Please pay attention to your dog’s concentration level and mood when training with the flashcards. It will take time to build their concentration span, so start off with a few minutes a day and increase the training time gradually. Moreover, just like us, dogs have good days and some not so good days! Some days Akira is on form, getting every answer right – this is a good time to teach new cards and concepts. On other days, he is focused, albeit making a few mistakes – these are good days to reinforce what he has already learnt. Occasionally, Akira is in a silly mood, just looking for a treat and/or not focusing on the question. In such cases, where he is just hitting any card, I tend to stop the training session immediately. Also, if your dog starts making more mistakes after a good training session, it is likely that s/he is losing concentration and it is time to stop. 


One pack of flashcards can keep a dog occupied for years. Please enjoy this special time with your dogs. As with life, the importance is in the journey we embark on and the quality time we spend together rather than the end result.

Professor Akira Flashcards strengthen the special bond between you and your dog. The flashcards help to keep our dogs mentally challenged. At a difficult time for many people, I want to spread love, joy and encouragement to the world. 



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